Away Days – Full Set



What is Battle Vault?

Battle Vault allows you to field an entire games-worth of affordable terrain and scenery that all stores away in a single box

What is included in the Away Days – Full Set?

Away Days has been designed to include all the necessary terrain and ground for a competition ready game of Guild Ball. Away Days is made from 3mm MDF and acrylic, some parts do require a small amount of gluing together but most of the items are fully collapsible to allow for easy storage and transportation. Also included with the Battle Vault Storage Box is a complete tournament tray insert.

  • 4 x Obstructions
    • 2 x Crates
    • 2 x Fencing
  • 1 x Wall (Barrier)
  • 1 x Forest
    • 2 x Trees
    • 1 x Base
  • 1 x Rough Ground
  • 1 x Fast Ground
  • 1 x Battle Vault Storage Box
    • 1 x Tournament Tray

Please note, this product is supplied as an unpainted kit and some components will require assembly and gluing. Please ensure you have any required tools and glues that may be needed for this, we recommend a good quality wood glue for assembling the Battle Vault Box. Any miniatures shown in the pictures are for illustrative purposes only and are not supplied. Some of the pictures may show glass effect windows, the glass effect sheets are not included and are available to purchase separately.


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Queenstown, Queenstown and Battle Vault Box