Super Mini Gaming – Illumination Template 4″ Range




*** Updated to be compatible with 2nd Edition ***

This illumination template measures 4″ (and 2″) from the centre of a 30mm base to accurately measure the range of streetlamps. This template has been designed to be compatible with games such as a popular superhero skirmish game. Made from 3mm acrylic and available in a wide range of different colours, please see this link for some example pictures of the different acrylic colours.

Please note, our acrylic products are all supplied unpainted and, typically, with their protective sheet still attached. This sheet is left in place to help protect the items during transit and also to assist with providing a masked off area should you wish to paint your products to achieve some of the results shown in these pictures. Please remove the protective sheet at your earliest convenience in order to properly appreciate the items you have purchased. Any miniatures or models shown are for illustrative purposes only and are not included

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