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Coming very soon to our modular and magnetic Dark Assembly range: "The Incrementum". Some of the pictures also show it with our newly launched Opifectorum and of course other components from Dark Assembly as well. You can see how the Dark Assembly components fit together in this video www.youtube.com/watch?v=UUgRqxjQFsE. Hopefully The Incrementum will be available to purchase later on today or tomorrow. Don't forget to Like our page on Facebook to stay up to date with all the latest news. ... See moreSee less

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Looks like another happy customer for our Paint Grippers 🙂 Thanks very much to Jase and the gang at The Hairy Gamers

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Last update for today.....I wont promise but its very likely! Recently The Hairy Gamers celebrated hitting 300 Likes and as a THANK YOU to the other boys for all their efforts I got them all a wee treat. Courtesy of out friends at Red Beam Designs (www.redbeamdesigns.com) I invested in some custom Base Grippers for helping when painting miniatures. The boys get one each with their name etched onto it for a 32mm Base. I assembled one following the simple instructions at www.redbeamdesigns.com/files/Instructions_Paint_Gripper.pdf and am now ready to get stuck in on my WH40K:DI Deathguard. The kit is reassuringly cheap and comes in a variety of sizes from 25mm all the way upto Monstrous in both round and square base varieties. The staff are very attentive and helpful pandering to my stupid requests and enquiries. I really love them and cant wait to get on and start using them. #BaseGrippers #RedBeamDesigns #300Likes Thanks boys! Hairy Gamer Jase

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